SUPERSWASH coming soon 1st July



Active Basic Cleansing Detox Experience


Personal hygiene has become a daily ritual for people living in the cities, a must in the 21st century, as we are living in the age of pollution, with new species of viruses and diseases appearing every now and then, we need to do something to safeguard ourselves and our family, our pets & our personal belongings on a daily basis.


The setting up of SUPERSWASH Campaign aims at providing the best of the best personal hygiene products and services sourced globally, not only supporting our daily ritual’s need, but also taking this personal hygiene concept to a daily luxury level.


SUPERSWASH is the ABCDE of a daily ritual, providing the Active Basic Cleansing Detox Experience for all of us, everyday, at our finger tip.


ABCDE, Active Basic Cleansing Detox Experience is not only a slogan, it is also the road map of the online platform for everything about personal hygiene :


Active – personal hygiene products for a more active and sporty lifestyle

Basic – personal hygiene products for daily use

Cleansing – all rounded personal care and maintenance products that help with cleansing

Detox – personal care products that could detox (may be supplements intake)

Experience – experiences that transform personal hygiene to a luxury level (like spa, massage, intensive personal care or even therapeutic products and services)