Terms of Member Registration and Usage:

Under these terms of use, "User(s)"/"Member(s)" means a person who uses the Services by either visiting this website, purchasing products through this website or otherwise. When Users/Members use the Services, they are considered as resident in their local country or jurisdiction and considered to have accepted the Terms of Service and these terms of use.


User/Member Registration

1. When Users initially use the Services and purchase products on this website, they are, in general, required to register their information.

2. Users over the age of 18 agree to enter their true and accurate information in the registration form and send it to this website. Users are prohibited from submitting false information and registration by proxy is not permitted.

3. Each individual User may only register once. MAGIC HAUS reserves the right to not approve the Members registration if (a) the User has received a stoppage, suspension or deletion of their registration as a result of a breach of any of the Terms of Service or these terms of use or any other terms of use, (b) the contents of the Member's registration include false information, or (c) we, at our own discretion, consider the approval of the registration inappropriate.

4. If Users/Members purchase products via their credit card or debit card, they are required to only use credit cards or debit cards issued under their own names.

5. If there is any subsequent change of the Members' registered information, such as address/name/telephone number or any other registered information, Members must promptly report the change through measures separately specified by MAGIC HAUS.

6. Therefore, we shall not be accepting any Member registration from Users whose registration has been cancelled or any other Users who have been evaluated by us to be not suitable for registration on this website.



Termination of Service and Deletion of Member's registration

In any one of the following cases, MAGIC HAUS may determine it to be inappropriate to provide the relevant Service and decide to terminate any Service provided or cancel, suspend or delete a Member's registration without any prior notice to the Member.

1. It has come to our attention that a Member's registration was previously subject to cancellation, suspension or deletion due to a breach of the Terms of Service or Terms of Use.

2. Member falls behind in payment when it is due or otherwise defaults on payment due to MAGIC HAUS.

3. Member engages in any conduct prohibited under Article 8 under the section headed "Prohibited Matters" below.

4. Member violates any of the Terms of Service or Terms of Use.

Article 6-2Obligation to compensate

If any of the above events occurs or we are aware of its occurrence,  MAGIC HAUS will not responsible for any activities conducted through your account or your use of this website (including your downloading of any material posted on it, or on any website linked to it) and MAGIC HAUS will not be responsible or liable for losses or damages (if any) suffered or incurred or may be suffered or incurred by you as a result of our termination, cancellation, suspension or deletion of your account or your use of this website as aforesaid (including but not limited to any loss or damage caused or may cause by any viruses or other technologically harmful material that may infect your computer equipment, computer programs, data or other proprietary material). 


Prohibited Matters

While using the Services, Members must refrain from engaging in the following acts; if MAGIC HAUS, at its own discretion, determines that any Member's act falls under any of the following, MAGIC HAUS  may, among other things, determine your use of our Services or to have any transactions with the Member, or delete the messages or any other content the Member may have sent to this website.

1. Using the Services or any information (including product information), provided on this website, for the purposes of reselling or making a profit,, without the prior written approval of MAGIC HAUS.

2. Providing any false information in their Member registration form.

3. Any act which we consider may affect or disrupt the management or operation of the Services or this website or any other act which we consider may disrupt the Services or this website.

4. Unauthorised or illegal use of credit or debit card through the use of our Services.

5. Unauthorised use of their member IDs or passwords.

6. Any act which violates or infringes the trademark, copyright, privacy or any other right or proprietary right of another User, a third party or MAGIC HAUS, or any act which  causes any annoyance, loss or damages to another User, third party or MAGIC HAUS.

7. Any act which may constitute a libel, slander or defamation against another User, any third party or MAGIC HAUS

8. Posting false, abusive, malicious, offensive, obscene or irrelevant information or material.

9. Any act that is a violation of law or is against public policy; or any act which could be a violation of law or be against public policy.

10. Falsifying information, tampering or corrupting with information or data regarding MAGIC HAUS or the Services or information provided through the website.

11. Sending, distributing or posting harmful computer or electronic programs, viruses, malware, spyware, or anything related to or may result in the preceding or any unsolicited advertising or promotional material, commonly referred to as "spam" on this website.

12. Any other act which MAGIC HAUS considers to be inappropriate in managing the Services.

13. Inappropriate or unauthorised access to or hack into MAGIC HAUS's server or system through other computers or electronic devices or other means without our written consent.

14. For resale or any other act to gain personal benefits.

15. Users/Members purchasing products under the age of 18.